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The tutors are very knowledgeable in the subject they teach. My son's grades have been improving.

The tutors are great. My daughter is doing very well in school with Study Mentors' help!

With all the struggles that our youths face today it is very refreshing to have competent and compassionate REAL people who can help them reach their goals!!


First time my daughter has had a tutor and John has explained the process so that I could understand and be comfortable! Most definitely will let friends and family know about this place!

I've used STUDY MENTORS for years with my three children. Each of them continued to benefit from the instructions they received during their study times. STUDY MENTORS are also very flexible when times are needed for a different appointment.

Gordon is a great tutor for my son. Christian feels comfortable with Gordon. He gives Christian answers in a way that he can understand. He even showed Christian some tricks on how to use the graphing calculator. He is patient and approachable which great because my son can be on the shy side. Kayla is super nice and always happy. I've already told a few other moms if they ever need a tutoring place, this is it!

John worked with my son for 4 weeks to prepare him for the ACT test. My son loved working with him because he is enthusiastic, friendly, funny and realistic. My son's test scores were excellent, and improved a lot in the 4 test subjects. We are very happy with his finished scores. John's approach to teaching is engaging, not intimidating. Often he was working alongside my son, rather than just reviewing and correcting. They worked their way through the ACT. John taught principles which could be applied to ACT questions, and would clearly analyze and explain problems. I highly recommend John as a tutor. Thank you so much for you help.