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Simply come chat with us about your needs and goals. We are here to help. We want to ensure that all of our students are set up for success. To do that, we need to chat. So, come by, give us a call or send us a quick text. We want to hear from you.

200 S. Beach Blvd. Suite A-3
La Habra, CA 90631
Alternate Contact Line
(562) 450-0668

Both numbers will reach us, and both can accept text messaging, if that's easier for you.
The text service is strictly for information or directions, not for homework help. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, We operate out of a secure building for the sake of the safety of the students we serve. You must press the "Tutoring" button outside in order for us to come and let you in.


Once you decide you like what you hear, we move forward with you to establish your goals and set them as our own. You will fill out the short application for lessons and together, we will develop a schedule and plan of action for accomplishing those goals. We will go through this part with you step-by-step so that we are all in agreement on what needs to be done. But, don't worry. Our plans are flexible, so if you decide that we need to change course somewhere in the middle, that's not a problem. We'll take the new directions and reformulate. It's kinda what we love to do. This makes each plan perfectly tailored to EACH student.


Once we put our plan into action, we keep up with the student, the mentor, and the parents so that we can ensure that the student is achieving his or her goals. If something's not working, we talk it through and work it out. We want our students to succeed, so we keep everyone connected to avoid surprises. Additionally, we are partnering with school counselors, administrators and teachers to maintain even more accurate records as to how our students are doing. However, sometimes even that isn't enough. Sometimes, we meet with unexpected results. It happens. But, know this. We work hard to ensure that each issue is addressed immediately upon our hearing about it.


Everything we do is built around you, our clients. So, if there's something more you need from us, just ask. We're happy to talk with you about anything your student needs. Some examples include: "We need to add more time. He's just not grasping the concepts yet." No problem. "We are really pressed for time, so we need to cut back a day in the previously agreed to schedule." Again, no problem. "We need to start thinking about the SAT or ACT. Can we set up a diagnostic test?" Absolutely! We want you to feel like you get all of your academic needs fulfilled with us, so we'll work hard to make it happen and make you happy.