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A Trusted Program from a Trusted Name

Everyone could use a little extra time to complete homework. Study Mentors presents: Homework Club, designed with that specific goal in mind. Each week, parents will have the option to have their students attend up to 3 hours of homework help per day.

Program Pricing

$450/month for unlimited access to our after-school, homework help facility. Customizable programs are available. Please ask for details.

How does it work?

First and foremost, this is not our normal 1-to-1 private tutoring. For that, parents and students would need to reserve time on a mentor’s schedule and pay the one-to-one hourly fee for that particular lesson. Lesson’s begin at $40 per hour.

Homework Club! Is NOT one-to-one. It is a group environment where one mentor will supervise, observe, assist and guide multiple students. The ratio will depend on the number of students who come in that day,but will likely stay near or below a 10 to 1 ratio. Students will be able to ask questions, but will not have specific, dedicated one-on-one time reserved for them. The mentor will answer questions in the order he or she receives them, so it is important that students can work independently until the mentor can get to them. Parents simply bring their students in from 3:30pm - 6:30pm Monday through Friday and we do the rest.

Who is this designed for?

We will begin to offer this service to our students in grades K-6th grade. This program may open up to others as we gauge need, but for now, we will begin with this group of students.

Contact Info

Main Office Line: (949) 416-5541

Alternate Line: 562.450.0668

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For more information visit us at:

www.StudyMentors.org or

Email: info@studymentors.org