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What Do You Guys Do?

Our primary goal is to help our students get to where they want to be after high school. To do this, we take a three-tiered approach, including:

  • College Planning: We sit down with you one-on-one and interview you to understand your plans. We then evaluate your documents (transcripts, letters, applicatoins, etc.) to be sure we understand what it will take to get you where you want to be. Finally, we devise a plan of action for the student to follow to achieve the goals. We also monitor progress and meet with parents and students to follow-up on this progress, so you'll know every step of the way where you are in your plan.
  • We help you understand, schedule and prepare for standardized tests such as the S.A.T. and A.C.T. We will help you understand the difference between each one and help you decided, based on your learning style which test is best for you. We review scores for you and compare them to the profile we set up in college planning to see what universities or colleges you are qualified to attend. We then determine a course of action based on if you want to improve or maintain the scores you've received.
  • Finally, We provide students with customized lessons for just about every subject they wish to study. We have helped our students in virtually every high school, junior high and elementary subject there is from both private and public schools. So, we're prepared for you, too. We also work with a number of college and other adult students with anything from interview preparation, to college courses, to graduate tests. If you're curious about what we can do for you, just ask.
Is This All One-to-One?

Mostly. However, that is up to the client. We can work with small groups, up to 6, but most clients do work individually.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees vary depending on subject, and group size, mainly, but can range anywhere from $25 per hour to $100 per hour.

What Are The Qualifications Of Your Tutors?

All of our tutors are very near degrees or have attained degrees from Universities. Those credentials include:

  • Education (for special needs included)
  • Chemistry/BioChemistry/Biology
  • Child Development
  • Film
  • CBEST/CSET/RICA/Mod-Sev Special Education certifications on file.

We've got all the bases covered. We have tutors who are special needs specialists, college counseling experts and subject-specific masters. Our tutors also undergo a full background check through the Department of Justice and the State of California so that we can assure our clients that they are not inviting any criminals or registered sex offenders to work with their children. We take that sort of thing seriously around here, so we vet, thoroughly.

Can My Friend Come With Me And Sit In?

This is normally discouraged. We have to make special arrangement to do group lessons. So we generally do not allow the "sharing" of lesson time.

What Makes You So Special?

Our focus has always been and will always be on the student. We are a goal-oriented tutoring and college planning service. Once we set a goal for our students, we work closely with the student, the student's family and often the student's teacher and school to ensure that he or she achieves the goals we have set.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes. Our lessons are generally one-to-one; however, if you are part of a small group, then we offer significant discounts off our normal rates. We also offer multiple day discounts for our clients who are committed to coming more than once a week.

Okay, let's say we do this...what are our payment options?

Good question. We offer a variety of payment options. We accept most major credit cards, personal and business checks, and, of course, cash. We also accept payments via online payment through our invoicing system. We do, however, ask that our clients pay for their lessons in advance each month. This saves us all a little hassle down the road.

What if we can't make it to a lesson?

This happens all the time. We only ask that you give us "reasonable notice." That way, we can plan our day accordingly and perhaps give a student on our waiting list a shot at a lesson. Please know this: If a student does not show up at the office for a scheduled lesson, they will still be charged the full amount for that lesson with no opportunity for a make-up lesson. Sorry. That's just our policy, and we think it's fair. So, to avoid sad faces, just let us know if you'll be out.

Are you worth it?

Absolutely. In our humble opinions, we wholeheartedly believe that, but don't just take our word for it. Come in and find out for yourself. If you do not agree, we completely respect that. We only ask that you give us a chance. What's the harm in that?