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Private Tutors and College Counseling specialists specifically selected to give you the greatest advantage in your academics.


Both tests offer students a chance to see the questions they had while taking the test, but only from certain administrations of the test. For the S.A.T., this is called the QAS and for the A.C.T. this is called the TIR. We HIGHLY recommend getting this service, which is an extra fee on top of your registration, so that we can help you tailor your study even more.


STUDY MENTORS seeks to give our students the greatest advantages they can have in pursuing their academic dreams.

How do we do that? Simple: No matter where we start, we understand that not every student learns the same way. We understand that not every student has the same goals for college or careers. Because we understand that, we aim to offer the most specifically tailored lessons that can be offered at the most reasonable price we can. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

To accomplish this for you, we focus on the three largest aspects of academics for our students:

  1. College Planning - We want to help our students decide what kind of academic path is best for them. For some, that means a four-year institution. For others, maybe junior college is best. For still others, trade schools might be a better fit. That's what we do. We figure out, with you, what best fits. Then we show you how to get there and keep you on track.

  2. Test Preparation - We cover them all,seriously. S.A.T. (which changes officially in March of 2016), A.C.T., A.P. (just about every subject), TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, GED, HiSET, and several civil exams for the business professionals. If you want to know if we can help, just ask. We'd be happy to discuss your options with you.

  3. Private Tutoring - We provide one-on-one private, tailored tutoring for all of our students who decide they need help. We handle every subject at the high school level, no exceptions, and even several college courses. Again, if you want to know, just ask.

Study Mentors officially opened: August 1, 2014! We used to be known as My Mobile Tutor, but since we do so much more than tutoring, and are no longer mobile, we thought it best to change the name.

Come visit us in La Habra.

We are very proud and honored to be able to serve the La Habra community, but we don't stop there. We have students who come from all over Southern California. Come on in to see why so many students choose us.